Massage Therapy

A combination approach to physical & emotional wellbeing  …

Feeling defeated, rundown, anxious, lacking motivation, or just need a general mind/body reset?

Our bodies are a completely integrated system – mind, body and emotions.  Stress in one part of the body can easily be transmitted to another.  For example, mental stress often manifests itself in the body as muscular tensions, illness, depression, anxiety, as well as organ troubles – all originating in the mind.  Quiet your mind with a custom somatic therapy session today.

I have built my private practice to incorporate massage, aromatherapy, acupressure points, reflexology, energy work, as well as other bodywork modalities to provide emotional and physical healing.   My aim is to provide you with a customized session that will leave you feeling balanced,  and emotionally/physically restored. 


**Athletes, Active Lifestyles, those training for marathons, etc.

**Corporate/Business Professionals


**Sleep Disorders/Eating Disorders

**Those going through major life changes (marriage, divorce, quitting smoking, weight loss, etc.)

**Also a perfect companion to any resolution for the New Year! 


I look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback. 


For information on scheduling, pricing and other inquiries, please contact me at the below address.


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